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how to use our baby bath wrap

the perfect towel for infants and beyond
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Bathing an infant seems easy enough in theory, but, like many of the tasks we need to tackle during the first few months of parenthood, bath time may not go as smoothly as anticipated. Often a baby is as happy as a clam while in the tub, soothed by the warm water, but the minute you lift the little one out into the cold air, the zen vibe can drain from the room as quickly as the bathwater.

One way to avoid the post-bath meltdown is our baby bath wrap which brings all of the comfy goodness of a swaddle to tub time. Our patented design ensures your infant is warm and cozy with a bottom flap to tuck in tiny toes and a tie to make your little one feel secure. Its hood is also a bit shorter than average hooded towels, so it will sit snug on a newborn’s head without slipping down over the face.

Simply follow these four steps to cradle your baby in calming comfort after a soothing soak. 

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step 1

Lay the bath wrap down on a flat surface with the hood at the top and both straps facing outward. Place your baby in the center of the bath wrap with the head tucked inside the hood.

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step 2

Fold the bottom of the bath wrap up and over your baby’s feet.

NOTE: When your baby gets a little bigger, you can still use the bath wrap by allowing the legs to hang outside of the wrap.
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step 3

Place your baby’s left arm slightly bent at the elbow flat against their body. Take the left side of the bath wrap and bring it across your baby’s chest. Ensure the arm is securely under the fabric with the strap still free.
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step 4

Finally, place your baby’s right arm slightly bent at the elbow against the body. Take the right side of the bath wrap and bring it across your baby’s chest. Then tie the straps to ensure the bath wrap is secure.
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